Dalek Death Ray Ice Lolly by Walls (1970s)

Walls loved licensing fictional characters to sell their ice cream in the 1970s (but then again, so did Lyons Maid, who used the Six Million Dollar Man for one of their confections. In the mid 1970s Walls used Doctor Who as its inspiration for a new iced lolly. There were other examples of the BBCs Doctor Who being used to advertise products, like the John Pertwee iteration of the Doctor on chocolate bars, and the thrill of collecting Tom Baker-era Doctor Who cards in packets of Weetabix, but this particular licence from Walls, featuring the classic Who villains the Daleks, is a little bit special. Why? Because the artist behind the illustrations is the renowned Frank Bellamy, a British artist from Northamptonshire who produced outstanding work for Eagle and TV21.

The lolly itself was a chocolate and mint creation, and as chocolate and mint go together very well, it was a good choice. What is a real treat is the detail that went along with the lolly – for more information, I would like to refer you to the following links (see below), as they are excellent resources (especially the Frank Bellamy links).

What a great name for an ice cream. You just cannot imagine anyone daring to call a lolly a ‘death ray’ anymore. Or have it illustrated by a leading comic artist!


http://frankbellamy.blogspot.com/2008/07/frank-bellamy-licks-daleks-into-shape.html – A great feature on Frank Bellamy and his involvement with the ‘Dalek Death Ray’

http://www.frankbellamy.co.uk/notes/walls.htm – Again, another great feature on Frank Bellamy and his involvement with the ‘Dalek Death Ray’ ice cream from Walls

http://www.dalek-mania.co.uk/TOYS50.htm – A site devoted to Daleks and Dalek merchandise – this link takes you to Dalek Death Ray merchandise, but go up one level and a whole glut of Dalek related ephemera awaits…

http://forums.doyouremember.co.uk/food-drink/2990-names-ice-lollies-18.html – the doyouremember forum has some nice pictures of the product (one of which is at the top of this post)

http://forums.doyouremember.co.uk/food-drink/2990-names-ice-lollies-20.html – more ‘Dalek Death Ray’ nostalgia at doyouremember

One thought on “Dalek Death Ray Ice Lolly by Walls (1970s)”

  1. Great to see these again! You’ll probably be able to pick more wrappers up at shows like Memorabilia at the NEC in Birmingham….I’ll have a look when I go later this month!

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