Review – The Walking Dead 57 (Image Comics) (2009)

The longer you stick with this tremendous series, the more you expect the worst. You expect the worst to happen to the cast of characters. You expect the worst of human nature to manifest itself in many forms. Death is ever-present, but in this issue we see something that is possibly the most distressing and awful scenario I have seen in a comic. This is issue is dominated by the sudden and shocking brutality that human can do to human and it isn’t easy to experience this.

I read the book with almost an unwillingness to turn the page. I don’t want Carl to die. I don’t want Rick to lose his son. I want them all to reach safety somehow. I want the other children to get through, and I don’t want to lose Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, Andrea or Abraham (who is becoming a fascinating juxtaposition of machismo and emotion). This issue throws a few more tantalising clues about Abraham Fords past. It promises to reveal more in future issues. There is a real prospect that we may see some characters we have not seen for a long time (and let us hope they are safe and well). All the while, the possibilities that lie ahead in Washington are just out of reach, making ‘Doctor’ Eugene the biggest enigma of all. He is still there, in the background, but a powerful influence on the course this group, and this story, is going.

What I am trying to say, again, but in a different way to before, is that I love this book, it is the best comic book of this year already, and it just matures and gets better. I don’t want to think about what is coming up with issue #58 (aka ‘The Unthinkable’). I will read it, with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, my heart fluttering. I will be back to be enthralled by this most magnificent of comic books.

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