The Walking Dead cover art – the unthinkable?? Walking Dead 58 cover art (2009)

As you may know if you visit this blog on any sort of basis other than ‘random’, ‘fleeting’ or ‘never’, I have a thing about ‘The Walking Dead’. That is because it is the best comic book ever, and I am including the usual usual ‘canon’ of ‘Watchmen’, early ‘Spiderman’, the classic X-Men stories like ‘Dark Phoenix’, ‘Miracleman’ etc. I love this book, it is the most human, involving, moving and gripping testament to the human condition commited to a comic.

I love the art work as much as I love the writing, because what the Scottish artist, Charlie Adlard, does with the characters is pour the emotions and weariness and horror into them. You see the grief, madness, anger in their faces. Plus, he handles action scenes brillaintly. Further to that, he knows how to sell a comic by its cover. Here is the latest solicitation for ‘The Walking Dead’, from February 2009 – called ‘The Unthinkable’;

I could speculate on what this means, but if you read the book you probably have a good idea what it could mean (the death of another child in the book, potentially Carl Grimes, Rick’s son). You never know with Kirkman and Adlard and their ‘roll up, roll up; style covers. With the title now coming out on a more regular basis,with issue 56 to ship this week (we hope!!), then we could be finding out what the ‘unthinkable’ is in a couple of months.

Terrific cover, by the way.

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