VHS! VHS! VHS! (primarily 1980s)

Men of a certain age (and women too!) will feel a certain sense of pride / nostalgia / warmth upon seeing pictures of VHS video art, and even more of a feeling of general well-to-do if they are shown pictures or even video of the films the covers were advertising.

Welcome to the death-throes of true exploitation cinema – the video age! Where else, but in the comfort of your own home, were you going to get a chance to see anything like this when you were 13?

The internet can feel like a massive brain dump for those who caught on to the technologies potential as a huge repository for lost youth. But hey, who cares when I can look at old video covers!

So the reason for this post is to specifically pay tribute to those sites who cherish the appalling or brilliant Video cover art of the past. Some of these sites even do reviews of the generally low-budget, usually poor quality films. Some of these sites even have video clips of the films. Please give them a look and you will be rewarded with nothing more than a lot of fluff, but its good to turn your brain off every now and again and just wallow in the sheer pointlessness of it all.

The covers used to illustrate this blog all came from the marvellous http://www.coverbrowser.com (they do comic covers as well!)


http://grindhousefilms.blogspot.com – lots of exploitation goodness – reviews, clips, artwork etc

http://soundtracks.cinema-suicide.com/ – a bit off message, but this site details all the soundtrack news from obscure and cult films and is very, very nice to look at.

Not for kids! But well worth a look if you don’t mind nudity.

Originally a paper based fanzine, the site is great, if a bit pre-Y2K in the design of it and it has some quite disturbing (and pointless) scrolling going on.

http://blondezombies.blogspot.com/ – a few covers, some nudity, but for all round fantastic visuals with little rhyme or reason other than it looks good, then this is unbeatable. Trashy, arty, unclean fun (it is in Spanish, but it really isn’t prohibiitve to the fun the site offers if you cannot speak the language).

Update – The real Walking Dead #57 cover (2008) SPOILERS!!


Well, in a previous post I put up what I believed to be the cover for The Walking Dead #57, but it seems like that cover, with a backdrop of a deserted Washington DC, will be used for a later issue, because this is the cover for #57, according to the Robert Kirkman board at Image / Kirkmania (http://imagecomics.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=42885)

this is NOT the cover for #57

because this IS the cover for #57

This new character (with the gun) is really being pushed to the front in all the covers from issue #53. Here he gets priority over Rick, and it looks as if Carl is looking to him for protection. Interesting times ahead.

Post Apocalypse VIII – Steel of Fire Warriors: 2010 AD

Taking inspiration from the early 1980’s Italian Post-Apocalypse film genre, ‘Steel of Fire Warriors:2010 AD’ is a pastiche that will strike a chord with anyone who has been brave enough to sit through ‘Endgame’, ‘She’, ‘Exterminators of the Year 3000’ or ‘The New Barbarians’. For more about some of them, see here.

Available as a series of webisodes, you can catch all of them here;


and just to whet your appetite, here is a trailer for one of the episodes;


Dead Set – Brooker brings Zombies to reality (2008)

Charlie Brooker (columnist, journalist, the genius behind ‘Screen Burn’ and ‘TvGoHome’) is bringing Zombies back to the UK in a very special way – and they are coming to the digital channel E4……… (notice – contains Blood, Violence and Swearing…)

Official Site – http://www.e4.com/deadset/

Short article on Dead Set below;


Resident Evil – Degeneration (Update) (2008)

The trailer has been out for a while now, but just in case you have missed it…….looks amazing doesn’t it? Seems as if it is heading stright for DVD in North America (theatrical release in Japan), so Europe will probably get a DVD release some time in the future (probably in 2009?).

More news on the movie;




Star Fleet on DVD – another update

Well, it was due out this month, but due to whatever problems Fabulous Films have encountered, the release date for Star Fleet is now pushed back to January 09, even though it states on their site that the box-set is available to buy now. Amazon also list it as available, but HMV have got a more accurate understanding of the situation;


Also, see here.

Oh well – at least when it does come out it is going to be a quality release (hopefully).