Psychedelic Soul – The Dramatics ‘The Devil is Dope’ (1973)

Listen to it here;

taken from the album ‘A Dramatic Experience’

It is just the greatest damn mess of fuzz guitar and orchestra with soul singers and shouters ever recorded on the planet. It even kicks off with some mini-drama of someone scoring dope. It came out on the Stax label no less (which makes it even more fantastic because by default if you were on Stax you were probably pretty brilliant anyway). It has a social message (don’t do drugs) and although it is around 5 and a half minutes long it never outstays its welcome. Although commonly associated with the likes of The Temptations during the time when the recently deceased Norman Whitfield was producing the likes of Cloud Nine, I believe that this is the epitome of the sub-genre. Unless someone can come up with something even better. Can someone come up with something even better?? Maybe some Funkadelic? Undisputed Truth?

Check out more about The Dramatics here

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