The Stand (Marvel Comics – 2008)

If you have any love for the superb Kirkman/Adlard title ‘The Walking Dead’, or get a kick out of apocalyptic comic drama like the Marc Guggenheim title ‘Resurrection’ or the Warren Ellis penned ‘Crossed’, then this is exciting news. The best (in my opinion) work by Horror legend Stephen King, ‘The Stand’ is coming to comics, and it all kicks off tomorrow (10/09/08)!

Here are details on the first issue;

and as a treat, Marvel have ‘The Stand Sketchbook’ free to view as a digital comic on their site;!_Read_The_Stand_Sketchbook_Now!

and on the Stephen King site, lots more details;

IGN have some interior art from the first issue;

The book itself is a huge work, over 1300 pages, and remains an impressive piece of post-apocalyptic ficiton. Judging by the art from the first issue, it looks like Marvel could be doing justice to ‘The Stand’ and creating one of the most memorable series of the year.

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