Welcome to Hoxford #1 – more gristle to the mill (2008)

Ray Delgado has lived a bad and disturbed life. He has been created from pain, abuse and misery, and is now the one who deals out pain, abuse and misery. A lifer with no chance of parole, he and several others who are beyond salvation are sent to a maximum security facility that is privately owned by a Russian security firm. You know that there is some other motive other than rehabilitation about the place, and the pay-off is well worth buying this book for. When a violent, unlikeable psychopath looks like they are going to play hero, you know you are in for something a bit beyond the pale.

This title has the makings of being up there with the best high concept mash-ups in comic form. Who wants odds on someone trying to make this into a movie? Ben Templesmith (writer and artist on this) keeps the language gritty, the story repulsive and creepy and the art is a brilliant blend of photo-realism and celebratory gore and violence. It could play out a bit like an episode from ‘OZ‘ on PCP and Crack. It could be even more extreme than that (was that a foetus I saw being passed around like a bucket of popcorn, or was that my imagination?). This comic looks like ut will pull no punches in being the most challenging comic of the year. I will be following this with anticipation, which means another title to the pull list.

It is isn’t going to be for everyone, but along with the release of Crossed last week, this is proof that comics are Horror fictions best showcase at the moment. Issue 1 is out now from IDW.

Consider me *ahem* ‘hooked’.


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