Sharkmania – the proof! (1978)

Yesterday I talked about the perfect competition for all those British kids scared witless by Jaws and Hook Jaw – a Shark Fishing competition – I also touched on the Shark craze that was precipitated by the Spielberg film. Well, someone (a ‘Frankwied’) has posted this on youtube, and it is absolutley wonderful – this is from the guy himself;

The year is 1978. A team of 12 year olds have decided to make a Super8 film of their own based on Jaws. (It’s what everyone was talking about at the time). This may not be as slick as today’s digital videos…which makes it even more genius. (we had to pay $20 [a lot for 12-year olds in 1978] for every 3 minutes of film) And wait till you get a hold of the shark we built…..(it sank after the first scene and you’ll only see the fin after that. And check out our other films in my channel!!!

Here is the link;

and here is the movie;

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