Perspective please

I am no fan of Big Brother nowadays – it has lost its appeal, charm etc, but must admit to being intrigued by the latest furore regarding the housemate Alexandra De Gale. The gobby Croydon girl has just been booted off the show for allegedly putting together some threatening words into sentences and then vocalising them within the proximity of other housemates with the (presumed) intention of potentially intimidating the housemates who may have nominated her for eviction. She was up for eviction this week, but now she has got the boot for her actions it is all irrelevant anyway.

She was, and will continue to be, demonised in the press (ie the tabloids) as the ‘worst’ Big Brother contestant ever, but I would have thought there was a lot of competition for that title……The magical presuaive power of the media has already convinced some people that simply passing comment on her is not enough, and have taken more direct action. Pitiful.

Anyway, if you go over to Anorak you get a much better, funnier and truthful summary of the events.

Pow pow pow………

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