Star Fleet on DVD – Update

Guess what? If you don’t know already, the release date for the Star Fleet box set has been confirmed as 01/09/08, and you can even pre-order it at the likes of and it is selling there for £30. Bargain. The episode listing is as follows;

1. Scramble X-Bomber!
2. The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance
3. Find F-01!
4. Wipe Out The Transport Fleet
5. The Mysterious Ship ‘Skull’
6. X-Bomber Goes Forth
7. Mortal Combat In The Gravity Graveyard
8. An Attack Beyond Tears
9. Target: The Commander
10. Galaxy Adrift
11. Farewell, The Eternal Battlefield
12. Our Mortal Enemy Is Captain Carter
13. Battle To The Death: X-Bomber Vs. The Imperial Alliance
14. Lamia: Girl Of Destiny
15. X-Bomber: Death On Planet Morphane
16. Lamia Kidnapped
17. Asleep In The Ice Prison
18. Commander Makara’s Promotion
19. F-01: Assassination Plot
20. Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!
21. Callinean: A Battle With No Tomorrow!
22. Board The Imperial Alliance Flagship!
23. The End Of Earth
24. A New Beginning For The Galaxy

and the box art, is, as you you may have guessed, at the top of this post. There are not many good reasons to wish Summer to go by quickly, but this release will make the darkening evenings go by a lot easier. No delays please, let it be out in September!

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