The Road by Cormac McCarthy – initial thoughts and George Monbiots view

I have just begun reading ‘The Road’, the 2007 Pulitzer Award winning book by American author Cormac McCarthy. Gripping, tragic, beautiful are all superlatives that do not do justice to the brilliance of this work. Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape (its terrible condition described in muted grey tones, dead twisted trees and clouds of ash), this is a story of 2 survivors, a Father and his young Son. The nameless pair travel this dying landscape trying to head South, towards some promise of hope.

McCarthys use of words is potent, the tone biblical and raging at times, poignant at others. I am only 50 pages in and I dont want it to end. Its a book I wish I could have written, but its a book created by a writer who is supremely gifted.

It is interesting as the comic book ‘The Walking Dead’ seems to be taking a direction that is vaguely similar to ‘The Road’. In that series, following cataclysmic events in issue 48, the focus will now shift to concentrate on a Father and Son surviving in a post-apocalytpic world. From issue #49 of that series we will see how closely these two works do resemble each other.

I intend to write more when I read the whole book. For now, I would like to direct you to an article George Monbiot (author of ‘Captive State’ amongst others) has written, praising ‘The Road’.

George Monbiot article from The Guardian newspaper praising ‘The Road’

The Road (novel) at Wikipedia

George Monbiot biography at Wikipedia

Cormac McCarthy biography at Wikipedia

Random House publishers – The Road

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