Walking Dead 48 – The fall-out

I am still reeling from reading the most amazing piece of comic literature. The Walking Dead #48 has managed to do what hardly any other comic series has managed – kill off most of the major characters over a few issues.

The fall-out has begun, and reaction to this bold move is, as you would expect, varied. There is a lively, intelligent disceussion over at the Newsarama board for The Walking Dead – I am linking to the page where the discussion turns to the latest issue;

Newsarama Walking Dead Board.

I am still in shock after reading it, and full of admiration for the writer, Robert Kirkman, and the artist, Charlie Adlard. They have delivered a work of tragedy that leaves you emotionally drained. I do not believe, with all the hype surrounding ‘No-one is safe’, that they could have delivered anything other than a big body-count. They have done that, but it is the way that it has been handled that is testament to the creative teams skill.

Kirkman discussing the ‘No-one Is Safe’ story arc

Robert Kirmans site

www.comicbookreview.co.uk on Walking Dead 48

IGN review of Walking Dead 48

2 thoughts on “Walking Dead 48 – The fall-out”

  1. You’re absolutely right, Walking Dead #48 was amazing, and #49 can’t come out soon enough for my liking. (Neither can the “No One Is Safe” TPB, for that matter!)I’ve done a writeup on #48 (and other Walking Dead matters, like thoughts on the prospect of a TV adaptation) on my blog, too:http://zirbert.blogspot.comIn case the WD review isn’t the top post anymore when you read this:http://zirbert.blogspot.com/2008/04/walking-dead-48-review.html(I deleted the first crack at this comment because I made a typo that completely wrecked a sentence.)

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