Post Apocalypse V – Exterminators of the Year 3000

‘A Fututristic Film of Survival’.

As the title suggests, this film is set in the year 3000, where the world, post-nuclear apocalypse, is all desert and it has not rained for years. As in Mad Max 2, a film it slavishly copies, there is a precious resource that the survivors covet. In this film that resource is not gasoline – it’s clean water. I don’t understand why they set it in the year 3000, when other Italian post-apocalypse movies of the time had more realistic ‘futuristic’ settings (‘2019: After The Fall of New York’ is the first example that comes to mind). The film was produced in 1983, and has all the standard features of these types of movies;

a) heavily customised vehiicles (usually involving grills and spikes),
b) everyone wearing leather or looking like they were in the Olivia Newton-John ‘Physical’ video and then didnt wash for 5 years,
c) the ‘hero’ being of dubious morality
d) car and truck chases
e) a fantastic video cover!! (see top of the page for proof)

It may sound like I don’t like this movie. That would be wrong. I just dont think its a great ‘Mad Max 2’ rip-off, but even poor versions of the George Miller original have their qualities. Its engaging enough at times, with some great vehicular action scenes and cheesy dialogue to get through its 100 minute runtime. You can spot all the Mad Max 2 influences throughout the film. That should keep you busy as well. It has the look of a low budget cash-in, and that is all it is, but if you are willing to give your brain a rest, you could do far worse.

It does not appear to be available on DVD yet, though it is available on ebay from time to time on VHS PAL or NTSC formats. Is it worth it? Depends if you are a completist on this sort of stuff. I watched it in the mid eighties and thought it was okay, and then found it at a boot sale in Yorkshire in the late nineties on VHS and watched it and thought it was pretty poor. I have recently watched it a thrid time and thought it was a good laugh. I’d give it a ‘positive’ 5 out of 10. However, if you are just starting on this stuff, and haven’t watched Mad Max 2 before, then watch that, not this! That film is definitive, and spawned the likes of this film.


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