The best spring singles ever – No.1 – The Avalanches ‘Since I Left You’ (2001)

Released in the early spring of 2001, ‘Since I left you’, by the Melbourne collective The Avalanches is simply the most glorious, uplifting song you could possibly want to hear as you emerge from the gloom of winter. Its *ahem* like the sun bursting out from grey skies. The video is as glorious as the song;

The single even managed to get into the UK top 20, reaching a respectable no.16 in April 2001. (Source –

The album it came from, also called ‘Since I left you’, was a work of great invention, created from over 3500 samples – and pretty much nothing else. The album is a great party album, and there is a lovely segue from the opener (‘Since i left you’) to the bassline from Madonnas’ ‘Holiday’ that introduces the second track, ‘Stay another season’. The Avalanches were the first artists to get permission to sample the work of Madonna, and they use that sample to great effect. There are reviews of the album in the links section below.

The Avalanches Official Site (they used to run a great t-shirt club there, but not any more – shame).

The Avalanches on Wikipedia

Metacritic reviews of the album, ‘Since I Left You’

A review of the album on the BBC site

BBC article on press reviews of The Avalanches debut album

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