Bill Conti – Going The Distance (Rocky OST 1976)

Probably some of the best movie music ever was produced by composer Bill Conti for the soundtrack to Rocky. Alongside the famous theme tune “Gonna Fly Now” (a US Billboard No.1) is the equally stirring “Going The Distance”, used in the climactic fight with Apollo Creed. As the title suggests, the song is used to convey the fact that the fight is going to be a tough one. The track starts with a sombre tone, to match the determination and resolve of Rocky in the ring, but it climaxes with a stirring interpretation of the title theme, as Rocky fights in vain to win the contest. It really is a superb piece, uplifting, stirring, emotional. It perfectly matches the tone of the film, and elevates the fight scene to an epic.

Anyway, sample it for yourself as some kind soul has posted it up on youtube (see below);

Bill Conti profile at the IMDB is here

For everything Rocky, go to

A breakdown of which song on the soundtrack appears where in the film is here

Finally, the Wiki page on Rocky is here

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