Pre Christmas Joy & Post Christmas mundanity reflected in the adverts on Independent Television in the 1980’s

Quite a long title. Could have been a dissertation for a Sociology Masters. But it’s mine now.

At this time of year, oh so close to Christmas, it is inevitable that you reminisce about previous Christmasses, the excitement, the things you wanted so bad, the presents you got and the ones you wanted but never did get.

Then there were the adverts.

From mid-November through to December 24th (midday-ish??), if you were a child of the 70’s or 80’s then you will know that Independent Television in the UK was the Herald of Christmas, filling your face full of all the presents you ever wanted and generally keeping you aware that CHRISTMAS WAS COMING. Even when they weren’t toy specific, you still got the buzz from all the iconography (Santa, Snow, Christmas Trees, People in Coats & Scarves pointing in awe at stuff etc etc)

Check it out;

Happy Christmas!!

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