"You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

The first Resident Evil game was fantastic. The game that kick started the franchise, and also spawned the term ‘Survival Horror’. It is up there as one of the best games series, as well as the original game, and its sequel, Resudent Evil 2, being a couple of the best games on the PS1.


the one thing that did let the game down a little
was the voice acting. Especially Barry Burton, who always sounded like he was in need of a (excuse my crudity) shit. He sort of sounded constipated all the time, and his dialogue (in fact everyones dialogue) was pretty inane.

There are 2 ways you can check this out for yourself. The first is to do what i did a few weeks ago, and fire up the PS1 and play Resident Evil or Resident Evil 2 (as the voice acting is as bad on that one as well). There you get all the bad dialogue in the context of the game.

The second way is to visit this site where you can listen to some of the crap acting isolated from the game. Oh, the horror;


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