Another TV Hijacking!! November 22nd, 1987

Talking of TV Hijacking, which I did a couple of posts back, led me to doing a bit more research on this subject. There’s not a huge amount on the subject, because there haven’t been that many ‘hijacks’ (in the sense that the signal has been taken and used for subversive purposes – see my earlier post about ‘Vrillion’). I did, however, come across this incident in late 1987 on American TV. The Wiki entry summarises the incident neatly;

“The Max Headroom pirating incident was a television signal hijacking in Chicago, Illinois on the evening of November 22, 1987; it is an example of what is known in the television business as broadcast signal intrusion. The hijacker was successful in interrupting two television stations within 3 hours; and, as of 2007, neither he nor his accomplices have been found or even identified.”

taken from

The hijack occured on 2 seperate occasions that night on 2 seperate channels – one interruption during a sports bulletin, the second during a showing of the Dr Who episode ‘Horror Of Fang Rock’ (here’s a news bulletin on the incident);

Damn Interestings take on the hijack
An Article on the Incident
Transcript of an email from 1987 where the issue is discussed
TNS article part I
TNS article part II

Finally, theres a couple of other places you can see this;

Labyrinth 13 report

The Hijack footage on Vimeo

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