Joe 90 intro – 1968

Psychedelic late 60s visuals and sound from the esteemed Gerry & Sylvia Anderson team. A 9 year old boy who undergoes brain washing to undertake deadly spy missions? Could they get away with it today? I guess its ‘children’ are the likes of the Robert Rodriguez ‘Spy Kids’ trilogy (see, and the Charlie Higson ‘young James Bond’ novels (see Joe 90 didn’t match the success of Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet (it was limited to one series of 30 episodes), and was the last of the classic ‘Supermarionation’ filmed Anderson productions (see here for a fuller explanation of Supermarionation).

Joe 90 Wiki entry;

A huge (and very nice looking) fansite;

The mighty Fanderson site provides a list of episodes, with a lot of other resources;

The whole series of Joe 90 is available as a DVD boxset.

The next Gerry Anderson production was ‘The Secret Service’, of which I will write about at a future date.

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