Mego / Palitoy Marvel Toys – 1970’s

One of those unfilfilled childhood wishes. I wanted all of the ‘Fist Fighting Super Heroes’, but I had to make do with Captain America battling Batman & Robin, because I didnt have any ‘super foes’. I remember really wanting Spiderman & The Lizard, but again, my dreams were smashed against the rocks of financial hardship…..

I also desperately wanted the Batmobile,

but had to settle for the small Corgi replica Batmobile (with Batboat) and the tiny 1 inch figures of Batman & Robin;

Yup, I was a spoilt brat without the budget. This makes me feel better though. This is a fantastic clip of the UK Palitoy advert for ‘Fist Fighting Super Heroes'(about £2.25 each!!).

Mego were the manufacturers of these toys, with Palitoy selling them under license over here in the UK. Some great resources here; article on Marvel action figures
An article on Mego toys
Dedicated Mego Action Figure site

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Palitoy were a great company, giving us British kids the wonders of Star Wars figures in the 70’s and 80’s, as well as Action Man, Action Force & Marvel licenses like Micronauts. Not only that, they had the only real rival to Subetteo – ‘Striker’. Based in Coalville, Leicestershire, they sadly closed in 1984. Some links for Palitoy;
A Striker tribute site
Lovely site – shows the conneciton between Mego & Palitoy

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