Post Apocalypse II

In a recent post I talked about my enthusiasm for the George Miller film ‘Mad Max II’, and how it spawned several derivitive Italian Sci-Fi / exploitation films in the early to mid 80’s. One of the lesser mentioned was ‘Warrior Of The Lost World’ and starred American actor Robert Ginty, star of the exploitation video classic ‘The Exterminator’ (more of that later).

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As we can see, the poster art is fantastic, and promises more than the low budget can deliver. We are talking low budget Italian exploitation at its cheapest and most absurd. You either get it or you don’t. I tend to love these things.

The film begins with a screen crawl (like the ones you see in the Star Wars films) thats HEAVY ON THE EXPOSITION. Check out the back story!!

“In another time,in a distant land… Generations after the radiation wars and the collapse of nations, government, finance, and communications, there came into existence a new Dark Age of Tyranny.
As each Sector adapted its’ own rules for survival, the evil despot PROSSOR brought to power a Congress to enforce his “Laws and Obligations” and armed a deadly Militia, The Omega, to destroy the Outsiders who were trying to establish a more tolerant society- The New Way.
The region beyond the control of The Omega is the Wasteland, a forbidden zone populated by roving tribes of desperate Marginals who engage in a barbaric struggle for territory and survival.
Meanwhile, high in the mountains, living among the ruins of past civilizations, dwells a small group of Mystics called the Enlightened Elders. It is here that the Outsiders, led by McWAYNE and his daughter NASTASIA gain inspiration in their struggle against PROSSOR and The Omega.
Now, into this time of conflict and rebellion, astride his supersonic speedcycle, rides one man… a fearless survivor, who was destined to become the…Warrior of the Lost world

Hmmm. Robert McGinty plays the titular ‘Warrior, aka ‘Rider’. He is a loner in a post apocalyptic world, just like Max Rockatansky (aka Mad Max). Where he differs from Max is that he doesn’t have a V8 Interceptor. He has a talking bike. Here they both are in action, being pursued by some of the generic biker bad guys that these movies love so much;

What a stroke of luck that the ‘Rider’ has a vehicle that produces subtitles on its little mounted screen. ‘Bingo’ indeed.

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The Omega (ie the bad guys) are a bit like Humungous and his crew, except that they (The Omega) never quite get it right like they got it right in Mad Max II. Donald Pleasance looks like his character ‘Blofeld’ from Dr No and adds a touch of class to this camp exploitation gubbins. The Omegas have a customised truck called the ‘Megaweapon’;

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This was how the Omegas enforced their law on the lawless post-apocalypse world. It was eventually sabotaged by ‘Rider’ by pulling out some circuits from ‘Megaweapons’ underbelly. Bit of an issue for the designers of the ‘Megaweapon’, that they had allowed Single Point of Failures into their creation.

This is one of those films that it is ‘so bad it’s good’. Worth hunting down. Also, Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured it as one of the films they viewed (and gently took the piss out of).

There are surprisingly a few reviews of the film out there;

Bad Movies review
Cold Fusion review

and Wikipedia has a page on it;

Wiki page on WOTLW

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As I mentioned earlier, I intend to write something about McGinty’s magnum opus, ‘The Exterminator’, soon.

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