Post Apocalypse I

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I loved Mad Max II. It is the film I have watched the most. I first caught a glimpse of its power when Barry Norman reviewed the film on his end of year ‘Film 82’ programme. It showed a fantastic action sequence of Lord Humungus and his marauders attacking the commune / oil refinery. This will not mean much to you if you haven’t seen it, but trust me, this film is a classic action movie and I cannot recommend it highly enough. There is a fine article on Mad Max 2 here;

I got to watch it one bright summers afternoon the following year. Part western, part exploitation film, part science fiction epic, Mad Max 2 captured many imaginations, including mine, and the summer of 1983 was spent creating my own version of the story in comic strip form. I called the main hero Uruz, and he had a mohican and wandered around a post apocalypse desert. It was probably shit, but I wish I knew where all the reams of A4, blue and black biro were now so I could have a look through to be sure. I remember lots of deaths, explosions and customised cars. Funnily enough, there were a few italian film directors who used the same formula as me to put out a few films that borrowed (heavily) from Mad Max II. They appeared in the local video shops around the same time as the film they drew inspiraiton from, with fantastic cover art promising lots of post apocalyptic action – this is ‘The New Barbarians’;

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aka ‘Warriors Of The Wasteland’

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and it blatantly steals from Mad Max II. Check it out;

made in 1982 and directed by Enzo G. Castellari, it’s central plot is that, in 2019, after a nuclear war, humanity is reduced to a starving remnant. A ruthless gang called “The Templars” ravages settlers in an attempt to exterminate what is left of the human race in order to purge the Earth. A former Templar, Scorpion, along with his allies, attempts to prevent the death of a small band of religious colonists at the hands of the Templars.

It’s a poor version of the Mad Max tale to be honest, but fun in a way beacuase it’s quite camp and trashy, and the low budget shows.

There’s a review here;

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