Advert art and overview of ‘I ,Robot’ by Atari – 1983

An Atari arcade game from 1983, T,Robot was the first commercial video game with filled 3-D polygonal graphics and featured flat shading. It looked like nothing else at the time;

however, despite it being an innovative arcade game in several respects, such as its graphics and a sandbox mode, it was viewed as a commercial failure;

Released by Atari in 1983, I, Robot was the first video game ever to use 3-D polygon graphics, and the first that allowed the player to change camera angles.[58] It also had gameplay that rewarded planning and stealth as much as reflexes and trigger speed, and even offered players the option, instead of playing the primary game, of selecting a sandbox mode called “Doodle City,” where they could make artwork by playing around with the polygons. Today, I, Robot is frequently described as a game that was too far ahead of its time; polygon graphics, player-controlled camera angles, and even sandboxes are now commonplace, but in 1983 gamers and operators who were used to much more straightforward fare like Galaga and Pac-Man didn’t know what to make of it, and it became one of Atari’s biggest arcade flops as a result.[59] Production estimates vary, but all agree that there were never more than 1500 units made at most.

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